Targeted users

  • Targeted users can benefit economically from your product and are aware of it. Particulars are less ROI driven than professionals for example
  • Targeted users have already spent money in similar products
  • Cultural barriers is not a thing. Your solution can reach users from other nationalities
  • Targeted users get the why and the what of your solution in a glance: There is no need to evangelize them

Target market

  • Accessible market: You or someone in your team have an easy and broad access to the targeted market
  • Your target market is big enough
  • Your target market is niche enough so you don’t need to design “one solution for all”
  • Measurable organic growth is possible
  • Your target market is well installed and has already some structure: Proper communication & distribution channels.


  • It is a blue ocean
  • Indirect competitors lack skills to compete with your solution
  • There are barriers against future outsiders


  • Your customers will repeat the transaction
  • There is a market for a future exit
  • Costs are low
  • Roadmap to Product/Market fit can be bootstrapped and can last a relatively short period of time
  • Your business doesn’t rely entirely on a Chicken&Eggs problem


  • You are surfing on a trend


  • The time you spend in your project is compatible with your private life
  • You evolve in an environment that is close to your target market
  • You can survive with scarce resource for a defined time
  • Your family accepts your situation


  • You have a team
  • You and your team have the right skills
  • Your team can survive with scarce resource for a defined time