Extract a table from any webpage

Using the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function, you will be able to extract any table within seconds.

First of all, make sure your ImportFromWeb add-on is activated. Then, you just need to collect the URL of the page containing the table and then paste it on any cell of your spreadsheet.

Screenshot table NHL scoring

Once you pasted the url, just write the function =IMPORTFROMWEB(), select the cell where the URL is pasted and put a coma. Next, just write: “table” (do not forget the quotation marks).


Obviously, you can still use XPaths and CSS selectors to retrieve your table, as in the following example:

What if the page contains multiple tables?

In case there are more than 1 table into the page, the process is not more complex!

All you have to do is to specify the position of the table next to the “table” selector, just like that: