Bad decisions often come from a lack of analysis. Unfortunately not all of us can rely on a BI department in our daily routine.

The good news is, because spreadsheets are so intuitive, finding and squeezing data is within the reach of anyone.

With NoDataNoBusiness, we provide tools and tips for Google Sheets to make data more accessible and easier to handle for everyone

Start using the IMPORTFROMWEB add-on for Google Sheets


Extract any data from any website

IMPORTFROMWEB creates a new function IMPORTFROMWEB() that takes as main parameters a range of web urls and a range of xpaths. It returns the results of the xpaths for each url.

Other add-ons for Google Sheets

Stack array in Google Sheets

From multiple columns to one

Simple but useful function STACKARRAY() that transforms a multi-column array into a single-column.

Store a full range into a cell

STORERANGE() creates a reference of a range in a cell. The range stored can be retrieved anywhere in the spreadsheet by using the STORERANGE_GET() formula.