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ImportFromWeb is the only web data scraper designed to collect, cross, manipulate and analyze web data directly in your Google Sheets.

Just type = IMPORTFROMWEB() and retrieve data from +1,000,000 websites

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Manage retries
Source code analysis
Data cleansing
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Such a time-saver tool

Just the tool I needed to save time and money, a repetative job that wasted at least 10 hours of my life each week now takes seconds, thats 21 days a year.


The add-on made my workflow super easy!

ImportfromWeb has been an amazing tool for me, saving me endless hours and making my data capture incredibly easy and convenient.


Excellent, you made scraping simple!

As a mere code-ignorant, I was looking around to find a solution to my scraping problem. ImportFromWeb is a must have Google Sheets function.


I wish everyone provided this kind of customer service!

Lifesaver in a pinch! Needed this tool to copy a data table from a stubborn website. Haven’t used it long-term or as a paid subscriber, but would recommend based on its performance when I used it.


Absolutely game-changing!

This app effortlessly extracts crucial information from any website, making research a breeze. Its intuitive interface and lightning-fast processing speed make it an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to streamline data collection. A must-have for productivity enthusiasts!

David D.

The tool works great!

It allows me to track my inventory, and my time searching for products has been dramatically cut. A real advantage to IMPORTFROMWEB is the ability to also track who has the buybox and the ability to extract coupon info.

Jason R.

A game-changer for non-technical profiles

Take advantage of ImportFromWeb to do your job better and faster.
There are hundreds of different use cases, discover yours!

Enhance your e-commerce strategy

Analyze ecommerce information, such as market prices and customer reviews, to expand your product catalog and build more competitive verticals.

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Fine-tune social media approaches

Track the latest online trends and influencers with data that refreshes alongside social media.

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Refine search strategies

Improve SEO strategies by more thoroughly analyzing keywords, links, and other search trends worth targeting.

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Build prospects database

Make more impactful contact with potential clients by building higher quality lists and learning from more conclusive performance analysis.

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Make better investment decisions

Follow market trends, crossing data from multiple analyses in real-time to facilitate the decision-making process.

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Revamp research methods

Aggregate interesting data from thousands of websites so that it’s digestible and ready to be analyzed.

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Improve your content plans

Stay up-to-date on all things content by monitoring the latest trends from multiple sources and managing engagement with branded content.

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Fast and reliable with thousands of pages and datapoints in a single spreadsheet

Monitor and control how your data updates

Fetch the latest data whenever you decide

Set up hourly, daily or weekly automatic updates

Monitor your IMPORTFROMWEB functions status

View information about a specific function

Cross, manipulate & analyze web data

Create complex dashboards and monitor your web data

Advanced configurations for more flexibility

  • Work with CSS selectors or XPaths queries to describe the data to be captured
  • Force the function to load JavaScript content
  • Handle location-based content
  • Extract parts of text with regular expressions
  • Load search results from up to 50 pages at once

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try ImportFromWeb for free?

Of course, you can try ImportFromWeb for free. We offer you a 30-day trial with 200 credits for free. No credit card required, no commitment !

All you have to do is to install the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace and enjoy!

What is a credit?

Each ImportFromWeb plan comes with a certain number of credits per month, used for scraping data from websites. Depending on the website you scrape, from one to several credits are counted each time ImportFromWeb loads a page.

Basic Rule: By default, 1 credit is used for 1 successful request (fetching 1 URL)

For Premium Websites: Due to their complex data access, these sites require 2 to 10 credits per URL:

Premium WebsitesCredits counted for 1 request (1 URL)
Amazon2 credits
Noon2 credits
Google Search5 credits
Google Maps10 credits

For example, let’s assume you want to extract the price from a product listing on Amazon, with the following formula: =IMPORTFROMWEB("https://www.amazon.com/dp/XXXX","sale_price") .

ImportFromWeb will request the page and 2 credits will be counted.

Data Points and Selectors

The number of data points collected or selectors used does not affect the credit count. You can collect numerous data points from a single URL without additional credit costs.

For example, those 2 formulas count as 1 single credit:

=IMPORTFROMWEB("url","selector 1")
=IMPORTFROMWEB("url", "selector 1, selector 2, selector 3, selector 4, selector 5") 

Key Points to Note

1. Data Updates: you can decide to execute ImportFromWeb at any time so you work with the most updated data. When data is updated, new credits are counted.

You may have noticed that Google Sheets sometimes natively reload the =IMPORTFROMWEB() formulas; to avoid that IMPORTFROMWEB fetches the data source constantly, pages content is kept in cache for 1 week by default and up to 4 weeks (you can set this up).

2. Failed Requests: If fetching page content fails or no elements on the page match the selectors, no credits are deducted.

3. Credit Expiry: Unused credits cannot be carried over from one month/year to another.

How to estimate the number of credits I need?

To properly evaluate the number of credits you need per month and choose the right ImportFromWeb plan, you have to make up your mind on the 3 following questions:

  • What is the platform you want to scrape?
  • How many URLs you plan to retrieve data from?
  • How often you would like to refresh data (for example once per day, once every 2 days etc )

Let’s say, you are considering to extract data from Amazon and your goal is to monitor prices and the Buy Box winners on 300 ASINs every 2 days.
For this usage – since every Amazon URL consumes 2 credits – you need 300 * 15 * 2 = 9,000 credits /month

Let’s take a second example. You need to extract the number of subscribers on a list of 1,000 YouTube channels and you want this value to be refreshed once a day.
For this – since every YouTube URL consumes 1 credit – you need 1000 * 30 * 1 = 30,000 credits /month

What if I need more credits or help?

Whether you need a tailor-made plan or support on your scraping project, we got you covered!

Just contact us here and provide information about your requirements. We’ll come back to you within 2 business days.

What are the ImportFromWeb features?

ImportFromWeb comes with some great features for a powerful and efficient web scraping from Google Sheets, including:

  • Cache control to always keep control over your ImportFromWeb usage
  • Javascript rendering: ImportFromWeb successfully scrapes data even from complex web pages, such as JavaScript-rendered websites
  • Location based content scraping, so you decide the IP address to scrape data from
  • Mass web scraping, so you scrape seamlessly hundreds or thousands of URLs at the same time
  • Automatic updates, so you update your data on a regular basis (even when you’re offline)
  • Function monitoring to control and understand the data scraped
  • Auto-refresh, so you don’t have to relaunch the =IMPORTFROMWEB() functions manually
  • IP Rotation: ImportFromWeb uses proxy servers to fetch web pages from different IP addresses so that pages load correctly, every time
  • Number formatting: ImportFromWeb automatically applies number formatting to data, including currency, date and time
  • Templates catalog, so you can enjoy all ImportFromWeb’s ready-to-use solutions designed for Amazon, Google Maps, Google Search, YouTube, Instagram, Yahoo Finance, …

Can ImportFromWeb handle multiple users?

Individual plans do not let you share your account with others. Others can only view the data you scraped. They can not update the data or add/edit new functions to your spreadsheets.

Business plans introduce collaboration features. As long as you are the spreadsheet owner, your colleagues can refresh the IMPORTFROMWEB() functions, as well as add and edit new functions. Credits are counted under the account owner.

Enterprise plans are made for companies that need multiple users. Each user has his own account that can be tailored upon his needs.

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. It can be done in less than 30 seconds from your customer dashboard.

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