We design powerful
Google Sheets resourcesto
accessandhandle data
in an easy way

Bad decisions often come from a lack of data, or a lack of analysis of existing data.
Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a BI (business intelligence) department in order to collect, examine, and provide insights based on data.

The good news is…

Because spreadsheets are so intuitive, finding, structuring, and mining insights from data is within the reach of anyone.

We build and share Google Sheets resources and add-ons that enhance the experience of collecting and analyzing data at scale.

Easy web scraping for Google Sheets

ImportFromWeb is a Google Sheets add-on that adds a new function to import data from public websites directly into a Google Sheet. Unlike ImportXML and other native functions, it supports most websites and has many additional options that make it a powerful tool for data collection and cleaning.

Import JSON to Google Sheets

As the name implies, ImportJSON imports JSON-formatted data into Google Sheets. It supports importing and parsing JSON from any URL in Google Sheets, and filtering the results to get only what you need.

Other add-ons for Google Sheets

Stack array in Google Sheets

Merge multiple columns into one in Google Sheets

Our simple but useful function StackArray transforms a multi-column array into a single column.

Store a full range in a cell in Google Sheets

StoreRange creates a reference of a range in a cell. The stored range can be retrieved anywhere in the spreadsheet by using the StoreRange_Get formula.