Google Maps data selectors

Want to extract Google Maps data straight into your spreadsheet?

You can see below the exhaustive list of selectors designed for Google Maps. These built-in data selectors are used within your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function and work both with places (i.e. and search urls (i.e.

To use the =IMPORTFROMWEB function, you need to input the selector into the function or refer to a cell / range of cells that contain selectors. For example, if you are looking for the name and the rating of a Google Maps place, just write:

=IMPORTFROMWEB("url", "name, rating")
nameCollects the name of the place
categoryCollects the category of the place. For example: restaurant, bank, bar etc. 
websiteCollects the website of the place
address_1Collects the name and number of the street of the place
address_2Collects the city and the postal code of the place
address_fullCollects the name, the street number, the city, the region and the postal code of the place
countryCollects the country of the place
phone_numberCollects the phone number of the place
ratingCollects the average rating given to the place (from its google business page). The rating is out of 5
reviews_countCollects the number of reviews given to the place (from its google business page)
languageCollects the language in which the information and description is written in 
language_codeCollects the code of the language in which the information and description is written in (en, fr, it  etc.)
image_sourceCollects the link of the default image shown on the google maps page. This selector can be combined with the function =IMAGE(link) which will allow you to visualize the image on google sheet
timezoneCollects the timezone of the given address or google page
longitudeCollects the longitude of the address
latitudeCollects the latitude of the address
place_urlCollects the Google Maps place URLs found from a Google Maps Search URL
place_status*Tells you whether the place is currenty opened or closed
time_table*Returns the opening days & hours of the address (can not be mixed with any other selectors)
place_tags*Collects the different tags associated to the place
place_id*Extracts the unique identifier of the place
feature*Returns the attributes of the place (Reservations required, Kids’ menu, Free parking lot, etc.)

*Please note that those selectors only work with the google maps places URLs ( and do not work with the Google Maps search URLs.

NOTICE: emails are not directly available via Google Maps.

However, we have two workarounds for this:

  • Use IMPORTFROMWEB and the “emails” generic selector on any webpage: IMPORTFROMWEB("", "emails")
  • Use IMPORTFROMGOOGLE with a boolean search: =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE("your query","emails")

We’ve also made a ready-to-use template to collect emails from the website associated to the Google My Business account.