Amazon data selectors (reviews / Q&A)

Want to extract Amazon ratings and reviews straight into your spreadsheet?

Below are the selectors to use within your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function;  just pick them up directly in our Amazon Reviews scraper template or use them by yourself in your own spreadsheet.

=IMPORTFROMWEB("Amazon review page url", "review_rating, review_title, review_body")

ImportFromWeb works with most of Amazon markets, including US (.com), Canada (.ca), Mexico (, Brazil (, UK (, France (.fr), Germany(.de), Netherlands (.nl), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), Turkey (, India (.in), Saudi Arabia (.sa), UAE (.ae), Japan (.jp), Australia (, Singapore (.sg)

Reviews selectors

review_ratingCollects the rating
review_titleCollects the review title
review_bodyCollects the review itself as written by the customer
review_linkCollects the customer’s review dedicated page
review_profile_nameCollects the customer profile’s name
review_contextCollects the review date

Q&A selectors

questionsExtracts the questions
selected_answersExtracts the default answer to each question
profile_nameCollects the name of the profiles who asked the question
votes_countExtracts the number of votes
answers_countScrapes the number of answers
selected_answers_dateCollects the date of the default answer