an easy-to-read
Google Sheets

It’s a no-code solution for all
Data, Marketing, e-Commerce, Financial analysts

and other spreadsheets lovers
who want to unveil the billions of data points available in APIs


Load your first JSON in Google Sheets


  • Retrieve JSONs from any URLs, Google Drive documents and cUrl requests
  • Parse directly from cells containing a JSON text
  • Filter the JSON object with a simple query language (like parent/child/0)
  • Automatically pivot the array elements into columns
  • Load thousands of JSONs in one spreadsheet
  • it caches the results to avoid repeated requests to an API
  • Set up the function to update automatically even when you’re offline
  • Top-notch customer service. We want you to make the most of the function and we’ll go out of our way for that!

Coming up very soon

  • Record the data at each given period to create trends

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