Amazon selectors (search page)

Want to extract Amazon products lists straight into your spreadsheet?

You can see below the selectors to use within your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function; just pick them up directly in our Amazon Search scraper template or use them by yourself in your own spreadsheet.

=IMPORTFROMWEB("Amazon search url", "title, price")

Please note that ImportFromWeb works with most of Amazon markets, including US (.com), Canada (.ca), Mexico (, Brazil (, UK (, France (.fr), Germany(.de), Netherlands (.nl), Spain (.es), Italy (.it), Turkey (, India (.in), Saudi Arabia (.sa), UAE (.ae), Japan (.jp), Australia (, Singapore (.sg)

Selector Description
asinCollects each product ASIN
titleCollects each product title
priceCollects each product price (price_currency to get the currency only / price_text to get the value together with the currency)
ratingCollects average rating for each product listed
reviews_countCollects number of reviews collected for each product listed
couponIndicates whether the product has a coupon and the value of this coupon
badgeIndicates “best sellers”, “Amazon’s choice” and “Amazon exclusive” ASINs
link*Collects the URL of each product listed
featured_image_sourceCollects the main image source for each product listed

*link: please note that it pulls out the path only, meaning that to get the product URL, you have to add the domain (e.g.