Noon data selectors

Want to extract Noon data straight into your spreadsheet?

You can see below the exhaustive list of selectors designed for any Noon product/search page. These built-in data selectors are used within your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function; just pick them up directly in our Noon scraper solutions or use them by yourself in your own spreadsheet.

=IMPORTFROMWEB("url", "title,sale_price")

Please note that ImportFromWeb works with most of Noon markets.

Product page

titleProduct title
sale_priceProduct price
list_priceStrike-Through Price / Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price
buybox_winnerSeller who gets the buybox
image_urlCollects the main image source
descriptionProduct description
category_1Returns the first category of the product (ex: Home)
category_2Returns the second category of the product (ex: Electronics & Mobiles)
category_3Returns the third category of the product (ex: Portable Audio & Video)
category_4Returns the forth category of the product (ex: Headphones & Earphones)
brandProduct’s brand
seller_X_nameName of the seller number X (replace X by your chosen number)
seller_X_pricePrice of the seller number X (replace X by your chosen number)
sellers_namesLists all the sellers of the product including the buybox winner
sellers_pricesLists their prices including the buybox price

Search page

titleCollects each product title
priceCollects each product price
ratingCollects average rating for each product listed
reviews_countCollects number of reviews collected for each product listed
featured_image_sourceCollects the main image source for each product listed
skuUniversal product code