What is a request?

Our plans are based on the number of requests you perform each month.
1 request means 1 URL successfully fetched by the ImportFromWeb function, no matter the number of data points collected.

Consequently, whether you scrape 1 data point from one webpage or 2, 3,…10,…100 data points, it will still be counted as 1 single request. As an example, those 2 formulas count as 1 single request:


Then, when ImportFromWeb scrapes an URL, it stores the page for the next 24 hours.
As a result, until the cache expires, using the same URL in any other IMPORTFROMWEB function will not be counted as a new request.

Bear in mind that as soon as you press the RUN button within the ImportFromWeb sidebar or you use a trigger on your spreadsheet, the cache is cleaned. Consequently, ImportFromWeb fetches the page again and a new request is counted.

Premium and High Volume plans offer the cacheLifespan option to customize the period during which the data is kept into the cache (up to 4 weeks).


Please note that unused requests can not be carried-over from one month/year to another.