This feature is still in beta!

Use the hardPaste mode to remove the formula and keep only the data.
It’s the same as copying the content returned by the formula and apply paste as value in place where the formula is.

Why should I use the hardPaste mode?

In some cases, you may not need that your data updates regularly. Therefore, once the formula has done its job, you may not need it anymore.

As a consequence your data will never recalculate anymore.

How to use it:

First, make sure you keep the sidebar opened. The hardPaste mechanism requires the sidebar to work

=IMPORTFROMWEB(data_sources, selectors, "hardPaste")

(combine with other options by separating the options with a comma)


3=IMPORTFROMWEB(data_sources, selectors, A1:B1)

hardPaste is a new evolution of ImportFromWeb to avoid constant refreshes of the formulas.

It is not yet compatible with automatic updates. We are working on it and would love to hear your feedback