Amazon data selectors

Want to extract Amazon product data straight into your spreadsheet?

You can see below the exhaustive list of selectors designed for Amazon. These built-in data selectors are used within your =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) function; just pick them up directly in our Amazon scraper template or use them by yourself in your own spreadsheet. If you have any doubts on the data selected by the selector, roll over on the selector to visualize the data on the Amazon product page. 


  1. Product variation
  2. Product characteristics
  3. Product information
  4. Item
  5. Images
  6. Price
  7. Packaging 
  8. Links 
  1. Product variation
Selector Description
current_variation_headersHeader: Color, size and/or style
current_variation_valuesthe different colors of the proposed product, the different sizes of the product and the different style of the product

2.Product characteristics

bullet_point_Xselects the desired bullet point (following the chosen number)
bullet_pointAll the content in bullet point form
Capacityproduct’s capacity
color_nameProduct’s color
country_of_originProduct’s country of origins
descriptionDescription of the product
style_nameProduct style
modelProduct model

3. Product information
asinAmazon Standard Identification Number (unique for all products)
availabilityproducts in stock
best_seller_main_categoryThe seller’s product category
best_seller_main_rankThe rank of the seller’s product in its category
brand_nameProduct’s brand
buybox_winnerHighest rank seller
buybox_winner_linkLink to the highest rank seller’s website
ratingaverage rating given by the customers (out of 5)
categoriesAll the categories the products fit in (electronics, computers etc.)
categories_linksLink to access to the categories in question
details_headersheader: characteristics of the product
details_valuesDetailed characteristics of the product
feature_headersheader: features
feature_valuesAll features of the product
TitleHeader of the product’s page
ManufacturerManufacturer’s name

4. Item

item_dimensions_unit_of_measure The units of measure used for the dimensions of the product
item_heightproduct’s height
item_height_unit_of_measureThe units of measure used to measure the height of the product
item_lengthproduct’s length
item_length_unit_of_measureThe units of measure used to measure the height of the product
item_weightproduct’s weight
item_weight_unit_of_measureThe units of measure used to measure the weight of the product
item_widthproduct’s width
item_width_unit_of_measureThe units of measure used to measure the width of the product

5. Images & videos

a_plus_contentproduct information video
other_images_sourcesImage’s url
featured_image_sourceURL of featured image
image_X_sourceSelects specific image
variation_X_image_Y_sourceReplace X and Y by numbers (only applicable if there at least two variation of product)
variation_X_image_Y_textReplace X and Y by numbers (only applicable if there at least two variation of product)

6. Price

list_priceProduct price before discount (MSRP) (only applicable if there is a discount)
priceProduct’s price
sale_priceproduct’s price after discount

7. Packaging

package_dimensions_unit_of_measureIn what units is measured the packaging of the product
package_heightThe package’s height
package_lengthThe package’s length
package_weightThe package’s weight
package_weight_unit_of_measureThe unit in what the weight of the package is measured (grams, kilograms, pounds etc.)
package_widthThe package’s width

8. Links

buybox_winner_linkLink to the highest rank seller’s website
urlproducts’ URL
vendor_store_linkthe url link of the seller