I can’t make calculations from content returned by the function

ImportFromWeb will try to detect numerical values and convert them into the appropriate format. It usually works well when the format of the extracted values is compatible with the spreadsheet’s locale.

You can check your locales from the menu > File > Spreadsheet settings

If you prefer to keep your spreadsheet settings as is, you can try to transform the content returned by ImportFromWeb. For that purpose,

  • You can use the Google Sheets functions you are used to (SUBSTITUTE, REGEXREPLACE, etc.)
  • You can use regular expressions right in the function. See more

Additionally, you could consider leveraging the filter view feature in Google Sheets. Filter views allow you to create temporary views of your data, enabling easy sorting, filtering, and organizing without altering the original data. It’s especially useful when dealing with large datasets or when collaborating with others who need different views of the same data. We explain how to use filter fiews in this article.