How to estimate the number of credits I need?

To properly evaluate the number of credits you need per month and choose the right ImportFromWeb plan, you have to make up your mind on the 3 following questions:

  • What is the platform you want to scrape?
  • How many URLs you plan to retrieve data from?
  • How often you would like to refresh data (for example once per day, once every 2 days etc )

Let’s say, you are considering to extract data from Amazon and your goal is to monitor prices and the Buy Box winners on 300 ASINs every 2 days.
For this usage – since every Amazon URL consumes 2 credits – you need 300 * 15 * 2 = 9,000 credits /month

Let’s take a second example. You need to extract the number of subscribers on a list of 1,000 YouTube channels and you want this value to be refreshed once a day.
For this – since every YouTube URL consumes 1 credit – you need 1000 * 30 * 1 = 30,000 credits /month