Web Scraping Solutions for Google Sheets

If you’d like to start web scraping easily without any technical knowledge, you’re in the right place! Here you’ll find step by step guides that will take you through the process depending on the web scraping needs you have. All these solutions are designed to use Google Sheets for web scraping along with the ImportFromWeb or ImportJSON add ons.


Extract data from sites like Amazon, Ebay or Walmart so that you can improve your ecommerce strategy, benchmarking thousands of products, prices, descriptions, categories, etc. Also, use web scraping in Google Sheets to manage your ecommerce business more easily by tracking DHL shipments.


Scraping data from finance websites like Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq.com, NSEIndia or Morning Star to Google Sheets can give your investment strategy a massive advantage. Keep track of all the relevant financial data that you need – and not just the information that appears in =GOOGLEFINANCE() – without copy pasting. All in the convenience of a spreadsheet!

Growth Hacking

There are lots of growth hacking strategies that require a fair amount of web scraping data to begin. Here you can find a bunch of recipes to make your growth hacking tasks faster and easier. Why don’t you get started by getting targeted LinkedIn emails directly into Google Sheets? Scraping website data has never been so easy!


As an SEO master, Google Search data is your playing field – and we got you covered! Use these recipes to scrape Google Search results within different fields, as well as Google Trends in a fast and easy way. You will have the data you need in Google Sheets, ready to be analyzed and used to build customizable dashboards. Say hello to ImportfromWeb from directly within your SEO toolbox!

Social Media

Our web scraping recipes for Social Media are game-changers. Use them to scrape Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook with super useful data. Plus, never copy paste again! From finding the best influencers for your business to monitoring KPIs from your profiles or the profiles of your competitors, you’ll find hundreds of ways to enhance your Social Media Strategy thanks to web scraping!