YouTube Channel video list scraper

Extract the videos of any YouTube channel along with each video metadata

To help you get started right away, you can use this free Google Sheets template

Our no-code scraping solution empowers content creators, marketers, business owners, researchers, analysts, and advertisers to collect and analyze any channel’s videos directly from Google Sheets. Save valuable time and improve the way you identify performance, optimize content, and analyze your competitors! 

Using the ImportFromWeb add-on and the function it adds to Google Sheets, you can extract the list of videos of any YouTube Channels without technical knowledge!

What you get?

With =IMPORTFROMWEB(), you extract the following data points from a list of YouTube videos:

  • video_title
  • views_count
  • video_duration
  • video_published_date
  • video_thumbnail_source
  • video_description
  • video_url

See all available YouTube Channel data points

First of all, make sure you have installed the ImportFromWeb add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Then, just follow these easy steps: 

Open a new Google Sheets and activate ImportFromWeb

To activate the add-on, go to Extensions > ImportFromWeb > Activate add-on.

Activate ImportFromWeb add-on

Input the channel URL

ImportFromWeb requires 2 parameters: a URL and one or more data selectors.

Enter a YouTube Channel URL in the first column using the following format:

Input the channel video list selectors

Data selectors describe the specific content you want to import from the YouTube Channel. 

Pick the selectors you are interested in from our YouTube Channel selectors glossary and add them to your spreadsheet. For example, you may be interested in the video_title, views_count, videos_published_date and video_description.

This is what your spreadsheet should look like: 

Write the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function and extract the channel video data

Just add this formula: =IMPORTFROMWEB(A1,A3:D3)

Within seconds, you’ll get the last 30 videos published on the YouTube channel chosen along with their metadata.

Want to get started right away?
Try our YouTube channel video list scraper template on Google Sheets!