Amazon Buy Box Tracker

Track and monitor the Buy Box winner on hundreds of Amazon products with Google Sheets.

To help you get started right away, you can use this free Google Sheets template

In the competitive landscape of Amazon, winning the Buy Box is crucial for sellers to drive sales and maximize their visibility. 

By scraping and analyzing this data, you gain valuable insights into the strategies and performance of successful sellers, enabling you to optimize your own approach and increase your chances of winning the BuyBox.

Our no-code scraping solution allows you to extract the Buy Box winner for hundreds of Amazon products. You can easily track and compare winners for different products and categories. The BuyBox Winner Collector helps you keep a close eye on competitors and identify emerging sellers and trends in the marketplace, enabling you to adapt your strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Using the ImportFromWeb add-on and the function it adds to Google Sheets, you can collect and monitor Amazon Buy Box winners in bulk without technical knowledge!

What you get?

With =IMPORTFROMWEB(), you extract the BuyBox winner for a list of products and the following data points:  

  • title
  • main image
  • price
  • Buy Box winner

See all available Amazon product page data points

First of all, make sure you have installed the ImportFromWeb add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Then, just follow these easy steps:

Open a new Google Sheets and activate ImportFromWeb

To activate the add-on, go to Extensions > ImportFromWeb > Activate add-on.

Activate ImportFromWeb add-on

Input the URLs of the ASINs you want to analyze

ImportFromWeb requires 2 parameters: a URL and one or more data selectors.

You can input the product URLs directly or build them using the product ASINs: =""&A2 (where column A contains all your ASINs).

Input the URLs of the ASINs

Input the data selectors

Data selectors describe the specific content you want to import from your ASINs. 

In this case, you’ll need the buybox_winner and the sale_price. You can find the full list in our Amazon product selectors glossary.

This is what your spreadsheet should look like:

Input the data selectors

Write the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function and extract BuyBox winners

Just add this formula: =IMPORTFROMWEB(B2,C1:D1)

Within seconds, you’ll get the data for the first ASIN.

Write IMPORTFROMWEB() function

Scale the collection process

After adding the $ symbol around the data selectors, drag the formula down to the last row: =IMPORTFROMWEB(B2,$C$1:$D$1)

Drag down to copy formula

We’ve designed an easy-to-use template.
Make sure you have installed and activated ImportFromWeb in your Google Sheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to scrape in a specific language on Amazon?

Most of the time, the =IMPORTFROMWEB() function extracts the content of the ASINs in the default language of the Amazon store.

But sometimes, the language of the page loaded by ImportFromWeb isn’t right. For example, you’ll get the content in English for an product, instead of being in German.

Luckily, you can force the language using the “language” parameter, as follow:

The new generated URL will look like:

And this is the URL you have to input into your =IMPORTFROMWEB() function!