Amazon scraping solutions

Quickly and easily scrape Amazon product data from Google Sheets.

Whether you’re a business looking to expand your reach, a salesperson seeking new prospects, or a researcher diving into market trends, Amazon is a treasure trove of insights and possibilities. Its vast product catalog and massive customer base provide an unparalleled platform to explore, understand, and capitalize on the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce.

Our comprehensive range of Amazon scraping tools is designed to empower sellers and businesses to thrive in this highly competitive marketplace. Each of our ready-to-use solutions is designed to give you a competitive edge, save time, and unlock opportunities for growth

Combine multiple solutions for a comprehensive approach, or choose the ones that align best with your business goals. Monitor product information, including prices, reviews, and sellers, directly from Google Sheets. Take charge of your Amazon data scraping and drive your success to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to scrape data from Amazon?

Scraping Amazon using =IMPORTFROMWEB() is based on publicly available information. The function accesses data that is openly accessible on the internet. And generally, accessing and scraping publicly available data from websites is considered legal.

Moreover, with IMPORTFROMWEB, the scraping is made using multiple premium proxies and external rotating IP addresses, so you do not have to worry about the possibility to be banned from scraping Amazon.

Nonetheless, it remains important to stay informed about the terms and conditions set by Amazon and exercise scraping responsibly and ethically.

Can I scrape any Amazon store using IMPORTFROMWEB?

Yes, IMPORTFROMWEB is specifically designed to extract live data from Amazon, whatever the Amazon store’s domain. Our built-in selectors (including but not limited to title, sale_price, buybox_winner, rating, and featured_image_source) are crafted to function seamlessly across various Amazon domains (,,,,,…)

Here’s how the function should look like to extract the price from any Amazon product page:

=IMPORTFROMWEB("amazon product url","sale_price")

What are the available data points from Amazon using IMPORTFROMWEB?

IMPORTFROMWEB offers over 100 built-in selectors specifically designed to facilitate the extraction of live data from Amazon without requiring technical skills. These selectors cater to various Amazon layouts, including product listing pages, search pages, and review pages.

For accessing these selectors, specific pages have been created for your convenience:

To use these selectors, simply specify the desired built-in selector as the second parameter within the IMPORTFROMWEB function, following this format:

=IMPORTFROMWEB("Amazon URL", "selector")