Compare hundreds of amazon products with Google Sheets

If you’re selling in Amazon or have your own E-commerce, you can gain an unfair advantage by monitoring Amazon products closely.

We’ve designed a ready-to-use spreadsheet that allows you to compare titles, descriptions, prices, reviews, etc of Amazon products in a single list.

Scraping Amazon product data is not for the IT guys anymore: You don’t need to know Python or other programming language. A basic knowledge of Google Sheets is enough.

How does it work?

It uses the ImportFromWeb add-on that we built.

ImportFromWeb provides a simple function to extract data from any websites. You just need to find the urls of the pages you want to load and tell ImportFromWeb about the location of the elements you want to extract from those pages.

Defining the path of an element requires at least some basic knowledge of HTML. But you don’t need to know any HTML to use the template. In fact we’ve made this spreadsheet so you can just fill a list of ASINs corresponding to the products you want to compare and watch the results.

ImportFromWeb is the only native way to import Amazon Products data right into Google Sheets. No extra tool to install or “export as CSV” button.