Use an API without coding

How To Use An API Without Coding?

More and more companies are providing API services for their data. From free collections of public data to paid subscriptions to data services, APIs are quickly becoming the most popular way to quickly connect to different sources of data.  As API documentation tends to be seriously intimidating and is usually found in the “developer” section […]

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Export Quora results into Google Sheets

How to scrape Quora?

Discover how you can extract questions from Quora directly in Google Sheets. No technical knowledge required!

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Extract Google results into Google Sheets

How to scrape Google Search results?

Extract Google results is a widely used technique to retrieve data and analyse them to take better decisions. The uses are innumerable: And obviously, there’s nothing like our good old spreadsheet to process and manipulate data extracted. In short, Google Search Scraper + Google Sheets is a marketers’ paradise! In this tutorial, you will discover […]

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