Extract Google Search Results into Google Sheets

Extract Google results is a widely used technique to retrieve data and analyze them to make better decisions. The uses are innumerable:

  • Know the rank of your website with regards to several keywords
  • Understand your environment by analyzing the websites that rank best and follow the positions of competitors
  • Analyze the most effective content
  • Understand the keywords and sentence formulations that work best

And obviously, there’s nothing like our good old spreadsheet to process and manipulate data extracted. In short, Scraper + Google Sheets is a marketers’ paradise!

We’ve created a Google Search scraper in Google Sheets that enables you to collect up to 300 results for any query without any technical knowledge or complex software to download.

All you need is the ImportFromWeb add-on in Google Sheets and you’re ready to start importing powerful Google data (such as titles, descriptions, and links) into our approachable template.

Let’s discover the ultimate no code solution to generating a table of thousands Google results in Google Sheets!

How does it work?

It uses the ImportFromWeb add-on that we built.

ImportFromWeb provides a simple function to extract Google Search results named =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE(). You just need to input the keyword(s) into the function and specify the data you want to extract.

1. Install the ImportFromWeb add-on

ImportFromWeb is the add-on that collects the data. Simply install it from the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can try it for free, we offer you 1,000 requests (no credit card required!)

2. Make a copy of the Google search scraper template

Make a simple copy of the template to manipulate it with the product data that you wish to scrape from Google

3. Activate the ImportFromWeb add-on

Easy step too! In your template copy, activate the add-on through your Google sheets menu: Extensions >> ImportFromWeb >> Activate add-on

From there, open the 2nd tab of the template (“🔍GOOGLE SERP SCRAPER”) and start scraping! All you need to do is input your keywords in B4, B5, B6….and that’s it.

The results scraping is automatically launched and processed with the =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE() formula indicated into the template!

To make better use of this template and our ImportFromWeb tool, here are a few other tips to ensure that your web scraping experience is giving you full access to valuable Google data.

Tip #1: choose your Google domain and the results languages

Our Google scraper template has been set to search within google.com. But you can change this setting and choose any other Google domain.

Additionnally, you can restrict our Google scraper to look for results into a specific language.

Tip #2: add up to 50 keywords

The =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE() function can retrieve results from up to 50 keywords! Just add more raws into the “Keywords” section.

Tip #3: decide the number of results

Whether you want only to scrape only the 1st SERP result of your query or 300 results, you decide and control it. Specify the number of results you want in the appropriate cell of the template.

Tip #4: use it anywhere

You don’t need to use this template to extract Google results. It’s very easy to use the =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE() function wherever you like. Check out our tutorial on our blog.

Any question?

If you feel stuck on anything at all, reach out to our team. We’d love to help you better understand our tools and templates so that you can achieve your desired results.