Extract Google Maps places data into Google Sheets

We’ve created a Google Maps scraper in Google Sheets that enables you to collect any places data (including name, website, address, phone number, image…) without any technical knowledge or complex software to download. We have configured more than 15 data points ! All you need is the ImportFromWeb add-on in Google Sheets and you’re ready to start importing powerful Google Maps data into our approachable template.

With this kind of tool at your constant disposal, you can improve competitor benchmarking, build and enrich a prospection file or monitor places ratings…

Are you intrigued? Great – let’s show you how to scrape Google maps places data with this straightforward template.

How does it work?

It uses the ImportFromWeb add-on that we built.

ImportFromWeb provides a simple function to extract data from any websites. You just need to find the urls of the pages you want to load and tell ImportFromWeb about the location of the elements you want to extract from those pages.

1. Install the ImportFromWeb add-on

ImportFromWeb is the add-on that collects the data. Simply install it from the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can try it for free, we offer you 1,000 requests (no credit card required!)

2. Make a copy of the Google Maps scraper template

Make a simple copy of the template to manipulate it with the product data that you wish to scrape from Google Maps

3. Activate the ImportFromWeb add-on

Easy step too! In your template copy, activate the add-on through your Google sheets menu: Extensions >> ImportFromWeb >> Activate add-on

From there, open the second tab of the template (“📍GOOGLE MAPS SCRAPER”) and start scraping!

4. Start retrieving data

First, choose the data you want to collect from the drop-down lists in the ⌗ Selectors section. We have preconfigured the main Google maps data selectors.

Then, just input in column D the Google Maps places URLs you want to collect the data from and that’s it. The IMPORTFROMWEB function will make the job and scrape the data you’re asking for!

Bear in mind that this template is designed to work with places URLs, i.e. any Google Maps URL that follows this format:


To make better use of this template and our ImportFromWeb tool, here are a couple of other tips to ensure that your web scraping experience is giving you full access to valuable Google Maps data.

Tip #1: Always stay up-to-date

Extracting data from Google Maps can be incredibly rewarding, but you don’t want this information to lose its value over night. We suggest you configure your template with our advanced update system to keep your information up to date. 

Based on your preferences, you can instruct the ImportFromWeb tool to update information as frequently as you like so that you’re always scraping the most current places data from Google Maps.

Tip #2 Use it anywhere

You don’t need to use this template to extract Google Maps data.
It’s very easy to use the IMPORTFROMWEB function wherever you like.
Here is how you can do it:

  • Type up to 50 urls, each one in a different cell
  • Type the elements you want to extract
  • Use the IMPORTFROMWEB function

Any question?

If you feel stuck on anything at all, reach out to our team. We’d love to help you better understand our tools and templates so that you can achieve your desired results.