Google search scraper with IMPORTFROMGOOGLE()

Optimize your research with data straight from Google

Easily collect and manage a range of data points from the world’s most powerful search engine with a Google search scraper.

The  IMPORTFROMGOOGLE() function  is part of our ImportFromWeb add-on

Start with our template and follow the instructions from the “Get Started” tab.


  • Enables you to easily scrape Google data like titles, descriptions, and links from simple Google searches and organize it based on your research criteria.
  • ImportFromGoogle uses proxy rotation to execute easy data imports from Google.
  • Use it hundreds of times for each spreadsheet.
  • All it takes is one formula to extract data from your Google searches.
  • Easily customize when you want data to refresh.
  • Import local content by choosing the country from which to load the page.
  • We’re available around the clock to help you get the most out of your Google data.  
  • We have a rich repository of tutorials, documentation and demos that make using ImportFromGoogle simple. 

We love =IMPORTFROMGOOGLE() and we’re sure you will love it too! That’s why we offer a free trial to do 1000 requests during 1 month. You can easily start following the instruction from the first tab of our IMPORTFROMGOOGLE Template.

If you have ended your trial or need more requests, see our affordable pricing plans and stop wasting time!