ImportJSON Data Source Errors

Here is the exhaustive list of all Data Source Errors you can encounter while using ImportJSON.

#PENDING_REQUESTYour data is still loading!Keep the sidebar open for the cell to automatically refresh
#REQUEST_FAILEDImportJson did not manage to load the page
#SOURCE_NOT_FOUNDImportJson did not manage to find or load the source
#SOURCE_NOT_FILLEDNo URL has been filled
#SOURCE_NOT_VALIDThe url you have entered is not a valid url.Check that the url includes the protocols http:// or https://
#OTHER_REQUEST_ERRORThe function didn’t manage to reach the page.Try the page in your browser and check that the url is correct.
#PARSING_FAILEDThe page could have been loaded but the JSON has not been correctly decodedUse the “Shake” button in the sidebar to refresh
#CURL_REQUEST_NOT_VALIDThe input seems to be a cUrl request, but the format could not be validated by the function.Check that you’ve entered a valid cUrl request. If you are sure your input is correct, please contact us
#TOO_MANY_SOURCESYou cannot put more than 50 url by formulaMake sure you have no more than 50 urls