Google Keyword Generator (with search volume)

Google Suggest is one of the most important features Google has. Its a Google’s core feature that shows keywords suggestion as you type. This information is a gold mine for Content Creation and SEO purposes and here we are going to help you scrape these valuable keyword suggestions and retrieve their search volume for any given country directly in Google Sheets with our Google Keyword Generator template.

How does it work?

It uses the ImportJSON add-on for Google Sheets that we built.

ImportJSON provides a simple function to extract data from APIs. You just need to find the urls of the pages you want to load and tell ImportJSON to extract the elements you want. Thanks to the flexibility of ImportJSON you will be able track hundreds of shipments in a single table!

What can this tool be used for?

Google Suggests is built upon Google’s own data, where it tries to guess which keyword you are looking for by analyzing the letters or words you already typed in. Simply put, it tries to save you time when you use Google.

It is not intentionally designed as a Marketing tool, but we can indeed use it to discover new keywords we initially didn’t think about or detect new trends.

Nevertheless, we can’t use directly Google Suggest to find valuable keywords for several reasons:

  • The number of keywords returned by a single query is low
  • We don’t know what is the associated volume for the returned keywords

We design our template using the ImportJSON function with these limitations in mind. Indeed:

  • Our tool appends and prepends common characters to extract up to 350 unique keywords for every execution. Saving you time by using it.
  • We extract Google’s search volume for the chosen keywords, with no additional cost. Get insights and detect interesting keywords.

Copy the template

First, make a simple copy of the template:

Install ImportJSON in Google Sheets

Then, install the tool into your Google Sheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace following the step-by-step instructions indicated by the add-on.

From there, you can access the tool by clicking “Add-ons” > ImportJSON > “Activate add-on” within the spreadsheet, you are ready to go!

Introduce your queries in the input fields…

Introduce the keyword you want to get related keywords and the country you want to simulate to be searching from in the yellow input cells:

Watch the suggest keywords and volume display automatically:

Did you find this tool useful?

Has it helped you to enhance your Content or SEO strategy? We’d love to hear all of your feedback so that we can keep providing the best information on web scraping!