ImportFromWeb: Google Maps tutorial

How to extract data from Google Maps

Scraping data from Google Maps is essential for businesses for SEO purposes, market research, identifying local competitors and many more!

There are two ways to scrape and extract data from google maps. Spending hours collecting the desired data scrolling through each google maps page and collecting it through copy paste or using the Google sheets Add-on =IMPORTFROMWEB. This add-on will save you precious time, will prevent you from making careless mistakes and will allow you to collect data in real time which is key to track the rating, the comments of your clients, your competitors and new comers in the market. 


=IMPORTFROMWEB is a Google Sheet plugin that can collect any data from any website into a spreadsheet using a single function. This plugin is very easy to use and does not require any coding skills: anyone can learn to use it in less than 10 minutes! =IMPORTFROMWEB has specific options and selectors designed for the biggest websites such as Amazon, Yahoo Finance and Google Maps. 

How to use =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) with Google Maps?

To extract Google Maps data with =IMPORTFROMWEB( ) nothing more simple: 

Firstly install the add-on and then activate it through the extension menu on the Google sheet. Once the add-on is activated you will be able to access the =IMPORTFROMWEB( ).

The first way to use the =IMPORTFROMWEB() is to insert the url link of the google maps page in a cell. In another cell, write your desired selector. You will then need to write the “=IMPORTFROMWEB( )” in another cell, open brackets, select the cell where the link is, put a coma and then put your desired selector in quotation marks.Finally, close the brackets and press enter. 

=IMPORTFROMWEB(A1, “selector”)

You can use as many links as you desire and as many selectors you desire. 

Here is the list of the selectors: 

  • address_1
  • address_2
  • country
  • reviews_count
  • rating
  • website
  • type
  • image_source
  • phone_number
  • category
  • name
  • address_full
  • timezone
  • language
  • language_code
  • longitude
  • latitude

Guide: How to use IMPORTFROMWEB on Google Maps

I will firstly show you how to get the address, phone number and website for one url link

CellA1=link    CellA3 = address_1  CellB3=address_2  CellC3=phone_number cell D3=website


I will then show you how to get the address, phone number and website for multiple URL

CellA1 to A6=link    Cell B11 = address_1  Cell C11=address_2  Cell D11=phone_number 

cell E11=website


I will show you how to get the name, rating and number of reviews for multiple google maps page

CellA1 to A6=link    Cell B11 = name  Cell C11= rating  Cell D11= reviews_count 


Lets complete the previous examples with image-source and image

CellA1 to A6=link    Cell E11 = image_source  


To import the image on the google sheets


A video tutorial is as well available to guide you through =IMPORTFROMWEB: 

If you have any doubts or any question about this function or about =ImportFromWeb, do not hesitate to contact us through our website page: