Get hundreds of targeted email addresses from Linked in profiles in an instant

Linked in doesn’t really let you get emails for prospects out of your network.
Fortunately we found this great Growth hack from Kyrill Krystallis.

In summary, the method is to query Google for Linked in profiles, telling the search engine we want only profiles that show their email address public.

How to do that? Simply by using the advanced search queries Google offer us.

For example:

"ceo" "spain" "@gmail*" -intitle:"profiles" -inurl:"dir/" OR

can be translated into:

“Hey Google, please give me all the CEOs in Spain having a Linked profile that displays a Gmail address

When you’re happy with the search query, just add it to our template available here:

Copy the @ Linked in Profiles Email Finder template

Get the template

Just paste your search in the input field…

And 💥 BOOM!