📸 Instagram Ultimate Dashboard

Scrape Instagram data and obtain information
that will give you super social media powers.

This dashboard will allow you to:

  • Get detailed data about any public profile
  • Compare likes and comments for hundred of posts
  • Have a quick look at all the profiles you manage in one table
  • Follow the performance of hundred of influencers and discover new ones
  • Type a keyword and pick top related profiles
  • Identify the best tags for your next post
  • Find out which posts have the most activity for specific tags

How does it work?

It uses the ImportJSON add-on that we built.

ImportJSON provides a simple function to import JSON formatted data from different sources and turn it into a two-dimensional table you can easily manipulate.

Scrape Instagram data easily with this dashboard:

Copy the dashboard and install ImportJSON add-on

To properly set yourself up to extract thousands of data points from Instagram, the first thing you need to do is copy the Instagram Ultimate Dashboard template and install the ImportJSON add-on into your Google Sheets. This is an easy process that just takes a minute and enables you to easily extract a high-volume of data from Instagram and many other sources.

Follow these steps:

1.Make a copy of our Instagram Ultimate Dashboard:

2. Simply, install the tool into your Google Sheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace following the step-by-step instructions indicated by the add-on.

3. From there, you can access the tool by clicking “Add-ons” and activating ImportJSON within the spreadsheet, you are ready to go!

Explore the Instagram Dashboard

As we’ve already mentioned, this Instagram Dashboard will give you social media super powers thanks to the data you can scrape directly from Instagram into your Google Sheet. Let’s see the different tabs and information you can extract:

  • ‘Discovery’ tab

This tab is made to obtain the best Instagram profiles related to a specific keyword. Let’s say you have a sneakers business and you want to discover profiles talking about sneakers to see what kind of content they are generating, you’re in the right place!

Simply, write the keyword you’re looking for in the yellow cell (‘sneakers’ in our case) and the dashboard will display information about more than 50 top profiles including: User name, Full name, Id, Profile picture, Number of followers and Number of profiles it follows. 

  • ‘Profile summary’ tab

Obtain the key metrics for any pubic profile on Instagram! Simply introduce in the yellow cell the user name of the profile you want to monitor – of course, including yours – and you will get: Profile picture, Number of followers, Number of profiles it follows, Average comments and likes in the latest posts, Average posting frequency, Bio extract and Date, Image, Description, Id, Number of likes and comments of latest posts, amazing, isn’t it?

  • ‘Profiles comparator’ tab

Compare images, captions, number of likes and comments of different posts. Introduce in the yellow cells the id’s of the targeted posts and save copy – pasting time just for analyzing.

  • ‘Tags comparator’ tab

A key element to gain reach and attract new followers to your profile is the right use of hashtags. A best practice is to combine in your posts popular and niche hashtags in terms of volume increasing the possibilities of appearing in different searches. Use the ‘Tags comparator’ tab to compare the volume of the hashtags you have introduced in the yellow cells and rock the algorithm!

Input keywords in the yellow cells

Now that you have explore the possibilities of the Instagram dashboard, it’s time to start scraping! Thanks to this dashboard, you will only need to input keywords or posts id’s in the yellow cells to see the data automatically display in your Google Sheet!

Tip: The id of a post is an alphanumerical number that identifies the post. You can find it in the URL of the post after the second /. Just open instagram.com in your browser, click to see any post and search for this id on the top bar, as an example: https://www.instagram.com/p/CV3LxRRlb6g/

Did you find this tool useful?

Has it helped you to enhance your Instagram strategy? We’d love to hear all of your feedback so that we can keep providing the best information on web scraping!