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  • Pages requests
    Pages requests
  • Rotating proxies
    Rotating proxies
  • Array formulas
    Array formulas
  • Use XPaths or CSS selectors
    Use XPaths or CSS selectors
  • Stack pages
    Stack pages
  • Rendering JS content
    Rendering JS content
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  • 100 / day
    500 / month
    100 / day
    500 / month
  • 100 requests / month
    100 requests / month
  • Cache lifespan 24h
    Cache lifespan 24h

  • Answering can take up to 3 business days
    Answering can take up to 3 business days
  free  free

  • 1,000 / day
    10,000 / month
    1,000 / day
    10,000 / month
  • US, CA, DE, FR, ES, BR, MX, IN, JP, CN, AU
    US, CA, DE, FR, ES, BR, MX, IN, JP, CN, AU
  • Custom cache lifespan coming soon
    Custom cache lifespan coming soon
  • Answering in 3 business days
    Answering in 3 business days
per month 29 per year 279

  • 4,000 / day
    40,000 / month
    4,000 / day
    40,000 / month
  • US, CA, DE, FR, ES, BR, MX, IN, JP, CN, AU
    US, CA, DE, FR, ES, BR, MX, IN, JP, CN, AU
  • Custom cache lifespan coming soon
    Custom cache lifespan coming soon
  • Answering in 24 hours (on business days)
    Answering in 24 hours (on business days)
per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use IMPORTFROMWEB for free?

Absolutely! The Lemur plan provides the main features of IMPORTFROMWEB at no cost and for unlimited time. The main limits of the plan is that you will not be able to load more than 100 web pages per day and 500 per month

Can I unsubscribe at any moment?

Sure! If you select monthly payment, you will be able to unsubscribe at any moment. At that point, your subscription will last until the end of the current monthly billing cycle. Please note that we don’t refund the payments once the 30 days money back guarantee has expired

How can I pay?

For the moment we only accept payments using credit card. Your payments are processed securely by Stripe, an international reference for payment collection. You will be charged straight after you subscribe to a paid plan and then every month/year according to the selected periodicity.

Your credit card will be automatically charged at the interval you select until you choose to unsubscribe.

We never see or store your credit card details.

What if I need more requests?

Just contact us and provide us here and provide information about your requirements

What happens if I find that IMPORTFROMWEB is not for me.

No worries! We give you the maximum guarantees to ensure that you will like the tool. Therefore we offer you a 30 day money back guarantee

What is a request?

The function counts a request when the function manages to fetch content from the source page. For instance, if fetching the page content fails or if there is no element on the page that matches the selectors, no request will be counted.
The source code of the page is cached by default for 24 hours. Therefore, until the cache expires, using the same url in other IMPORTFROMWEB functions will retrieve the cached source code and these operations will not be counted as new requests.

In the upcoming weeks, paid plans will have a new feature to update the data in the background, so you will see fresh data when you load your spreadsheet

That said, you can always choose to update the data by yourself by pushing “Update content from web” in the sidebar or the menu.

What are rotating proxies

Because the function does not work as a human, in many cases, it may need proxy servers to fetch the web pages from different IP adresses to ensure it loads the page correctly. This mechanism is called proxy rotation and is one of the biggest features of ImportFromWeb.

What is Smart caching?

Browsing the same page constantly is not efficient. That is why IMPORTFROMWEB caches the code of the page once loaded with the expected data.
Normally, cache has a lifetime of 24 hours. We will add ways to allow you to configure it yourself, adding up a lot more flexibility.

Caching occurs only when the page has been fetched successfully or after the function tried too many times and failed.

Rendering Javascript content

More and more websites require Javascript to load the page content. However, basic web scrapers don’t know how to render Javascript pages.
IMPORTFROMWEB allows you to scrape pages with complex architectures by opening the page in a real browser under the hood.

How is data updated

Your data is updated when the cache expires or when you manually choose to update it (for all the formulas in the selected cells, or for the entire spreadsheet)