Whether for mentoring or for developing new features, it is hard to find reliable experts for Google Sheets.

Google Sheets advisory

I have been a power user of Google Sheets for 10 years, using it intensively as a Data Analyst and teaching it to the people I lead.
By allowing people explore data in new angles, I have been able to experience how Google Sheets can lead to express talent better and unleash creativity.

However, “spreadsheets done wrong” can also be disastrous, leading to wrong decision making and losses in productivity. Hence, it is important that your teams know their way around spreadsheets by knowing the basics and exploring the most advanced features.

Google Sheets Development

As a Google Sheets expert, I know the limitations of the product’s native features and I know all the potential of programming in Google Sheets.
I work with highly-skilled developers that allow me to take up large projects and deliver high quality plug-and-play add-ons.

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