About us

Data gives you superpowers

“In my professional life, I’ve had the chance to manage teams and advise online businesses of all sizes.

The truth is, as a member of a corporation or individuals, we can’t always rely on a Business Intelligence department to make quick ‘data-informed’ decisions.

I believe that handling data can be simple and dramatically enhances productivity and decision making. One just needs the right tools!

With Google Sheets, everyone has access to a free, easy, and powerful tool to manage data. I want to promote it and provide more features to help people access and manipulate the data they need.”

Matthieu Pinauldt
Founder – NoDataNoBusiness

Our flagship product is ImportFromWeb, a Google Sheets add-on that enables proper web scraping that goes beyond what ImportXML and similar functions provide. With ImportFromWeb, anyone with limited technical knowledge can import content from anywhere on the web.

For an example, see how we used it to analyze Tennis players’ styles with Wikipedia:
Are Grand Chelem tournaments for left-handed players?