SEO Links Analyzer

If you are working on SEO for your own project or for clients, here you will find a quick solution to scrape all the links from a series of pages directly in Google Sheets together with useful information for analysis such as the href links and Rel attributes: Find Follow / noFollow links, check out anchors and other pages the website is referring with our SEO Links Analyzer template.

How does it work?

It uses the ImportFromWeb add-on that we built.

ImportFromWeb provides a simple function to extract data from any websites. You just need to find the urls of the pages you want to load and tell ImportFromWeb about the location of the elements you want to extract from those pages.

Copy the SEO Links Analyzer template

To properly set yourself up to extract information about different links, the first thing you need to do is copy the template of our SEO Link Analyzer:

Install the add-on

Then, install the tool into your Google Sheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace following the step-by-step instructions indicated by the add-on. This is an easy process that just takes a minute and enables you to easily extract a high-volume of data from Yahoo Finance and most other websites.

From there, you can access the tool by clicking “Add-ons” > ImportFromWeb > “Activate Add-on” within the spreadsheet.

Once the add-on is activated, you’re ready to go!

List the URLs you want to analyse

List the URLs you want to analyze in the yellow cells. Thanks to the pre-set configuration of the template, you will see how the results display automatically in your spreadsheet. How cool is that?

Did you find this tool useful?

Has this tool helped you? We’d love to hear all of your feedback so that we can keep providing the best information on web scraping.