Extract Google Maps data into Google Sheets

Scraping data from Google Maps is essential for businesses for SEO purposes, market research, identifying local competitors and many more!

Let’s see here how to use =IMPORTFROMWEB() function to pull out places data from Google Maps.

How to use =IMPORTFROMWEB() with Google Maps?

To extract Google Maps data with =IMPORTFROMWEB() nothing more simple: 

Firstly make sure the add-on is installed and activated within your spreadsheet.

As any other =IMPORTFROMWEB() function, you have to input the place URL and a selector, referring to our Glossary of Google Maps selectors. Both arguments can be written either in quotation marks or referring to the cells containing them.

Here’s the function syntax:

=IMPORTFROMWEB(A1, “Google Maps selector”)

And of course, you can use as many links and selectors as you desire.

Here is the list of the Google Maps selectors: 

  • address_1
  • address_2
  • country
  • reviews_count
  • rating
  • website
  • type
  • image_source
  • phone_number
  • category
  • name
  • address_full
  • timezone
  • language
  • language_code
  • longitude
  • latitude

Step by step guide

Let’s pull out the address, phone number and website for one place


Please note that you can also input the selectors directly into the function:

=IMPORTFROMWEB(URL, "address_1, address_2, phone_number, website")

To collect the same data for multiple URLs, specify the URLs range into the function:

You can be also interested in importing rating and reviews for a benchmark analysis for instance. Here’s the function to write:


Video tutorial

What about getting the Google Maps place image?

ImportFromWeb is able to retrieve the image source of the place using the selector “image_source”.

Then, to get the image displayed on your spreadsheet, just use the native sheets function =IMAGE(E12) where C4 contains the image source

Finally, we invite you to test our Google Maps scraper template from the ImportFromWeb sidebar.

If you have any doubts or any question about this function or about ImportFromWeb, do not hesitate to contact us.