Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it free?

For the moment the function is completely free.

When I write =IMPORTFROMWEB() in a cell, it shows the error #NAME?

Your add-on might not be activated.
In Google Sheets, go to Add-ons > Manage add-ons

  • If IMPORTFROMWEB is displayed in the list, check that it has been added to your document by pushing Manage > Use in this document
  • If IMPORTFROMWEB is not in the list, go to the menu Add-ons > Get add-ons and search for IMPORTFROMWEB

There is no “Build function” item in the menu?

Check the previous answer.

How can I tell Google Sheets to handle imported data as values?

For the moment, IMPORTFROMWEB() handles imported content as text. Hence you will receive an error if you try to make calculations with some numerical content.
There are two ways to proceed so Google Sheets parses the content as numerical values

Basic: Keep the raw range returned by IMPORTFROMWEB and use the VALUE() function by referencing imported cells

Let’s say you have imported content from the web in column B. In Column C, for each cell you can set the formula =VALUE(cell_to_reference).

In case you are familiar with ARRAYFORMULA(), use =ARRAYFORMULA(VALUE(B6:B)) only in C6 to achieve the same result

Advanced: Use VALUE() directly into the formula containing the IMPORTFROMWEB() function

The definition of the formula that involves IMPORTFROMWEB should look like

=ARRAYFORMULA(IFERROR(VALUE( your_importfromweb_formula ), your_importfromweb_formula))
  • ARRAYFORMULA applies the transformation to each cell of the array
  • For each cell, we check if the result can be a value. If it cannot, it will return an error
  • In case it returns an error, we return the unmodified result

In many cases the imported data might not be clean enough for Google Sheets to convert it into values.
IMPORTFROMWEB accepts regular expressions to fix that. Check out this article about useful regular expressions you need in your toolbox